Athletes Corner – Swiffers Youth Track Club has been on a roll this season The Swiffers Youth Track Club has been on a roll this season, with several of their athletes putting up impressive performances at both the Speed Capital South Track Meet on February 25, 2022, and the South Dade Express Track Meet on March 4, 2023. Monica Belony and Deanna Brown were two standouts from the Speed Capital South Track Meet, where they both ran a great 800 meters. Trinity Bryan also made her mark at the South Dade Express Track Meet, winning 3rd place in the long jump, as well as performingRead More →

FLYRA 2023 Track & Field Qualifying Standards If you ran any Indoor Meets in Gainesville and hit one of the qualifying marks please notify us they will count. Event Girls Boys 100m 13.00 11.95 200m 26.70 24.40 400m 62.70 55.30 800m 2:34.00 2:15.00 1500m 5:25.00 4:45.00 1600m* 5:51.00 5:07.00 3000m 12:00.00 10:45.00 3200m* 12:54.00 11:36.00 #100H 18.25 16.50 #200H 32.50 29.50 300H* 53.00 45.00 **Shot Put 9.25m 12.00m **Discus 23.00m 34.00m Long Jump 4.73m 5.49m Triple Jump 8.90m 10.05m High Jump 1.42m 1.63m Pole Vault 2.00m 2.14m 4×100 53.50 48.50  4×400 4:40.00 4:00.00 4×800 11:15.00 9:45.00 1. Boys Middle School Javelin * 600g * QualifyingRead More →

Bethany Christian Meet1 2023

Bethany Christian Meet1 2023 Swiffers Track Club, a dedicated and competitive team, recently competed at the Bethany Christian Conference Meet 1 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The event, held this past Saturday, attracted a large crowd of track and field enthusiasts. As the athletes took to the track, the energy in the stadium was palpable. The team, consisting of talented and determined individuals, put on a strong showing, impressing spectators with their skills and sportsmanship. The competition was fierce, with teams from all over the state vying for victory. Despite the challenges, the Swiffers Track Club remained focused and determined. Their hard work and dedication paidRead More →