About us
To be the number one youth track club in the world, with a greatest number of world champions.


Our Mission is to provide opportunities for young athletes to realize their full potential, by providing excellent coaching and good training; promoting healthy minds and bodies, in an atmosphere that encourages discipline, fair-play, hard-work and respect for all. The Swiffers Youth Track Club considers providing opportunities for youth athletes to compete in track & field, a top priority. We encourage youth track clubs and programs from all areas of the United States to participate.

The Swiffers Youth Track Club youth initiative seeks to support and expand quality programs that attract diverse ethnic and socio-economic youth and that promote character building, education, active healthy and drug free behaviors, including event participations in track and field.


• Discipline • Hard-work • Fair-play

• Confidence • Respect • Healthy Mind and Body

• Academic Development • Excellent Coaching • Good Training Facilities


Alrick Taylor started his coaching career as a volunteer coach at the Coral Springs youth track club during the 2014. Through his volunteer work he developed a strong sensation for track and field. He learned the art by assisting with programs then, coming up with his own programs. Later, he formed Swiffers Youth Track Club back in Lauderhill where he once lived. The club started with kids in the community as well as families and friends that he knew. With the expectation the grow bigger. In the 2017 Swiffers was born. A small group of athletes from the Lauderhill area were encouraged to continue their athletic development after high school, by training at the Broward central park in Lauderhill.