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Swiffers Preseason Registration

Swiffers Preseason Registration


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Exciting News for Swiffers and Parents!

Practice Resumes on October 7th

Greetings to all Swiffers and our wonderful parents! We are thrilled to announce that our practice sessions are set to kick off once again, starting on October 7th. We've carefully chosen this date to ensure our student athletes have settled into their school routines.

Our Season's Ambitious Goal: The Junior Olympics in North Carolina

This season, our primary objective is to reach the prestigious Junior Olympics in North Carolina. We kindly request that you plan accordingly to support this exciting journey. Rest assured, we'll keep everyone in the loop with regular updates on our progress.

School Running Program Participation

If your child is participating in their school's running program, please make sure to inform us. This information is crucial to our planning and coordination efforts.

Registration and Uniforms Managed by Coach Wright

Coach Wright will be handling all aspects of registration and uniforms, ensuring a smooth process for everyone involved.

Pre-Season Strength and Conditioning

  • Registration Fee: $75.00 for three months, ending in December.
  • Transition to Regular Season: In January.
  • Pro Season Registration: Open until August.

Investing in Excellence

We're excited to share that the $75 registration fee will be directed toward acquiring a state-of-the-art timing system. This innovative tool will play a significant role in enhancing the performance of our talented athletes during their training sessions this season.

Your Support Matters

Your continued support is invaluable to us, and together, we can make this season truly fantastic! Thank you for being a part of our dedicated and passionate community.

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